The Philosophy

You cannot teach a man anything; you can only help him find it within himself." - Galielo Galilei

Rebecca at OperaKids!

Rebecca teaching young students at the Lyric Opera's OperaKids! program

Teaching people to sing is about setting up a structure for each person to discover, understand, use, master and hopefully love their own unique and authentic voice. I use a dynamic approach based on the simple principles of how the body works as an instrument to establish a clear, understandable and repeatable technical system for each singer. You should leave every lesson understanding more than you did before with defined and achievable goals in mind for your next week’s practice.

Whether you are singing an aria, a pop song, or preparing a role for musical theater, I believe that the core principles of healthy singing are the same, even though the aesthetic standards and professional expectations of each genre differ. If you can employ good breath management and sing with your whole body, imagination, and self, you can learn to sing in any style!

I think the best voice teachers are collaborators, and I work alongside singers to help them develop their voice and expressiveness in a way that is unique to them, and supports their short-term and long-term artistic and professional goals.

Photo of Rebecca and Students at a UNVI Master Class in 2013

UNVI Master Class, 2013

Although I am a detail-oriented technician, technique is only a small part of a singer's vocal development. Physiological command, discipline, practice routines, and personal wellbeing are essential for vocal growth, but so are a curiosity for the unknown, and creative problem-solving tactics. Therefore, lessons are a time for safe, guided discovery to understand the voice and they should be an inventive, productive, and enjoyable hour that encourage you to continue the same work on your own. Whether you are preparing for auditions, reworking your aria package or audition book, learning a role, finding your genuine singing voice, or rebuilding your technique, I aim to create an environment of trust and direct and honest communication so improvement can happen quickly, reliably, and joyfully!

Presenting at the Central Region NATS Conference, 2022


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