The Studio

Rebecca works with a range of singers, from the professional performer to the serious amateur, the classical singer who wants to refine their technique or explore theatrical repertoire, the actor who wants to improve their singing voice, to the dancer or ensemble singer who wants to gain confidence as a soloist. She specializes in helping classical singers “cross over” into the realm of musical theater and popular styles of singing, as well as mentoring singers in their long-term vocal and professional development. 

The Way It Works

Vocal Coaching at Logan Center

Masterclass at The University of Chicago Logan Center, 2013

Ideally, students should attend lessons as regularly as they can (once a week or twice a month, especially when rebuilding a technical foundation), but in the real world of the performing artist or the recent college graduate that oftentimes isn’t possible. She works with each student to tailor a regimen for their vocal development and health based on the realities of their schedule and financial means and offers support resources and materials upon request.

Cancellation Policy

If a lesson needs to be canceled, it must be done so 24 hours prior to the lesson or else a cancellation fee will be charged.

Online Lessons

Rebecca teaches online lessons to singers internationally and across the US. Online lessons can be scheduled by the half-hour or sixty minute increment. Please fill out the contact form if you are interested in scheduling a trial online session.

New Student Inquiries and Gift Certificates

Rebecca works with students who select her as an instructor themselves. She does not honor third party lesson requests outside of professional referrals, bulk lesson purchases, or gift certificates.

Rebecca with students (all classical voice majors) and 2014 Chicago NATS Musical Theater competition winners: Steve Greist (1st), Khaki Pixley (2nd), Jordan Yentz (3rd)

Musical Theater for Classical singers

Rebecca specializes in working with classical singers who want to broaden the styles they sing, rediscover the singing they once did, or build new skills, while still preserving the integrity of their classical chops. She believes collaboration, collegiality, and co-teaching are valuable parts of vocal development, and is experienced at enhancing classical foundations and respecting and building on the good work done in other teacher's studios. Rebecca is known for her comfort and expertise in both classical singing and musical theater styles and an expansive knowledge of repertoire, and brings her knowledge and passion into the studio.

Services include:

  • role preparation
  • techniques and styles
  • audition preparation
  • repertoire selection
  • Fach to type

People notice good technique. People notice good work ethic. People notice healthy singing. These are all things I learned from studying with Rebecca.

~ J. Michael Finley 


Rebecca regularly works with singers with serious goals who are either taking time off from school or pursuing their training outside of a university program.  Attending college or grad school is a wonderful opportunity, but it also isn't the right choice or the best financial option for everyone.

Singers who build their own programs are wonderfully successful. There is no 'one way' to be a performing artist, and the road to the career is different for each person.

If you are considering this route, we can customize a plan for you to: 

  • Develop and build technique
  • Learn vocal styles with great attention to detail
  • Select repertoire that showcases YOU
  • Cut and prepare music and design your book (musical theater and classical)
  • Practice audition techniques and make self-tapes
  • Select the best coaches for you and your needs
  • Build community with other singers your age
  • Learn the differences between classical voice and musical theater in vocal terminology,
    professional and social cultures, audition practices, etc.
  • Study vocal pedagogy and lyric diction
  • Learn about professionalism in the industry

Rebecca aims to provide an artistic home and supportive, fun community for the singers she works with. If you are interested in developing your own course of study, do contact her via the form below.

Rebecca is not only a brilliant teacher but a wonderful person. She creates such an environment of honesty and trust and playfulness in her studio, that failing never feels scary, but rather, part of the learning and part of the fun. Working with Rebecca improved my singing enormously. Her expertise taught me to sing in a healthy way that feels good and sounds so much more free and easy. 

~Casey Tutton

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