The Students

Voice students often offer the most valuable insight into how a teacher works.  Read what some of the singers who work with Rebecca have to say about their work together.

Travis Taylor

From the Phantom to Enjorlas, Travis is known for his exceptional vocalism.

“Thanks to Rebecca, I can sing any style or genre of music and I now have the technique to do it healthily and safely.”

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Ken Singleton

Ken Singleton is a Chicago-based performer originally from Philidelphia.

“Rebecca has completely transformed my voice, and I look forward to every lesson I have with her.”

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Ciera Dawn

Ciera received her Bachelors of Fine Arts in Theater Studies, Acting concentration at Emerson College and is a graduate of the Steppenwolf School (2014)

“Rebecca has taught me how my true and pure vocal instrument is one of the most powerful tools I can carry with me throughout my career.”

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Victoria Blade

Victoria is a versatile Atlanta-based actor, singer, musician, and filmmaker

“As an actress who has studied and worked mainly in straight theater, Rebecca has been an invaluable asset as I make my way into the professional musical theater world.”

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Leryn Turlington

Leryn is a Chicago-based actor, singer, musician, and proud graduate of Florida State University.

“Rebecca understands the many ways singers learn and adapt to new information. She adapted herself to my specific brand of learning on Day 1.”

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Gilbert Domally

A graduate of CCPA at Roosevelt University, Gilbert was named a "Hot Face of Chicago Theater” (2016) by the Chicago Tribune.

“She challenged me to find MY voice, realize the potential and artistry that I possessed, and work to break vocal habits that could cause me not to have a sustainable career.”

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Rhett Guter

Rhett Guter is an actor and choreographer whose passion is collaboration in theatre arts and story telling. He has worked on myriad projects all over the country from Shakespeare, to musical theatre, to new works.

“Rebecca made me a singer. She not only taught me how to sing but helps me understand how singing works.”

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Patrick Rooney

Patrick is a NYC-based actor, singer, and musician and was named one of the Hot Faces of Chicago Theater of 2016 (Chicago Tribune)

“Rebecca has a great ability to work with your voice when it is NOT 100%. Her understanding of vocal health and understanding how to work with a tired, sick voice stands her apart from the rest.”

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Justin Adair

Justin is a Chicago-based critically acclaimed singer, actor and musician.

“I call Rebecca's teaching style "anti-technique", because she helps remove layers of bad habits, tension, and "technique" and replaces them with an ease and a natural approach to the voice.”

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Sarah Wasserman

Sarah is equally comfortable in classical music and musical theater; she specializes in operetta. She has a private voice studio in the city

“She moves between the genres easily and has a great ear and knowledge of the styles.If there is something I am not quite getting, she is quick to find another way to communicate that technique until I've got it.”

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Eunice Woods

Eunice Woods is an actor and singer in Chicago. She holds a BFA in Theatre Arts from Boston University and is represented by Gray Talent Group.

“She has helped me break through self-doubt and anxiety about singing -- essentially forcing me to get out of my own way to embrace my natural, unique sound.”

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