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Leryn Turlington is a NYC-based actor, singer, musician, and voice educator. She has performed at the Paramount Theatre, Drury Lane Theatre, Marriott Theatre, Chicago Shakespeare Theatre, Writers Theatre, Mercury Theater, Theo Ubique Cabaret Theatre and Davenport's Piano Bar. ​She is a co-founding member of the jazz group Treble on the L.  A Central Florida native, she is a proud graduate from Florida State University'smusical theatre program. Leryn is represented by Stewart Talent


Leryn says:

Leryn says: My time studying with Rebecca has been nothing short of transformative. I came to her with a background in technical/pedagogical language and theories, but without having put some of it to practice.  Rebecca has a spunky and exciting way of taking what I know (or thought I knew!) and re-introducing it to my physical body to make lasting habits as well as go beyond familiar territory to unlock my full potential. She challenges me to think critically so that with her supervision, guidance, and encouragement, I reach an “Aha!” moment in every lesson. Rebecca understands the many ways singers learn and adapt to new information, and she adapted herself to my specific brand of learning on Day 1. This relationship has blossomed into a friendship and mentorship that I am so grateful for. I leave her studio feeling fueled for the week and overwhelmingly excited to put her lessons into practice."

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